Hello, I’m Fall~

Fall~ is a musical project led by Maury van Loon, which started in 2011. The project creates interdisciplinary music productions, mainly for films. Maury also creates her own artwork for her musical pieces. The music is influenced by Ólafur Arnalds, Muse, Clint Mansell and Nobuo Uematsu (Final Fantasy Series).

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Maury discovered her interest in music while listening to rock music and playing the electric guitar as a teenager. After she had participated in a local art competition called Kunstbende, she was encouraged to continue her musical career. Since then, she played in a handful of different bands. During this time, she also started playing the piano. Recently she graduated from the University of Plymouth with a First Class Honours Degree, while she still works every day to improve her musicianship and composing skills. Dressed in black, with pale white masks, she creates an artistic experience at her live shows.


For her, writing music is a way to express an unexplainable feeling. The feeling that she creates is something that is not static: it’s a personal, dynamic journey that can be experienced differently by anyone. The visual aspect she adds with her illustrations, is a way to strengthen that feeling. These two components of music and visuals are inseparable. In the future, she wants to expand the illustrations to something more dynamic; that’s why her interests have grown in films, theater, games, animation and documentaries.



 Personal work.


 Music for film, game and documentary.
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 Surrealistic ink drawings and paintings.
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The Fall~ team

Maury van Loon

Art director

Sebastiaan Krijnen

Web designer

Thijs Schnater


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